Starting a new motion control

Bruno Barrán

We’re doing the first tests on our new motion control. For this version, we’ve decided to build the software from scratch in order to implement new motors and a better graphic interface. Our goal is to control up to 256 axis.

Till now, we’re starting to learn about the Trinamic device, a motor’s driver that includes a software layer to greatly facilitate the orders. We can easily program basic commands, like go from X to Y position with A speed and B acceleration. However, when time enters the equation everything becomes more complicated. Right now we have two main issues: precision and movement’s continuity.

At this moment, we have an precision error of +/- 200 milliseconds, namely a fifth of a second, and we have to soften the acceleration changes in order to get a lineal camera movement.

In relation to interface, we’re using ofxTimeline, an Openframeworks‘s plugin that we greatly recomend to anyone who want to make a C++ application that needs a graphic timeline control. We share you a first test of our timeline, that monitors motors’s position and acceleration. What do you think?


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