Invisible tv

Bruno Barrán


We’re starting a new project from interactive’s department, that will allow us to play with many tech concepts that we love. We’ll tell you everything as we go along, but for now we introduce the first: invisible tv.

We recently saw a video from Brussup that we left us blown away. They’d built a tv that only could be seen with a concret pair of glasses. It was a powerful ilussion, so we started it.

The key is LCDs, which work with two polarizing filters that form the visible image. By removing the surface’s filter, screen turns out white, however, as you can see below, if we look through that filter we start to reveal the image.

Once we solved the mistery, we bought a pair of 3D glasses that precisely use the same filter that LCDs. Reached it!

Pablo with his invisible tv

Pablo with his invisible tv

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