Playing with autum: Kinect’s interaction

Due to Zaragoza’s Pilar festival , Nueve Ojos and Joan Baixas called us to create an interactive experience for kids. The idea really exited us from the begining, even we knew that we were facing to the most exigent public .

2.0 Photo booth Macba / Caixafòrum

During the Art 2 Punts exhibition that showed together the best collections of the contemporary art museums of Barcelona (Maba and Caixafòrum) came us the project to develop an interactive installation with the idea to improve the museum viewers engagement.

Entropy – Long version

2000 pictures compose this piece- that is, 2000 perfect different water drops into which we mapped an animation. Droplets that behave and look strangely similar at the stage of less entropy, and become more disordely as they splash.