Invisible tv

We’re starting a new project from interactive’s department, that will allow us to play with many tech concepts that we love. We’ll tell you everything as we go along, but for now we introduce the first: invisible tv. We recently saw a video from Brussup that we left us blown away. They’d built a tv

Programming Photo Booth

The components that were coordinating all the access passwords , the pictures and the web server weaved a complex programming system. In first place we created an algorithm to generate a million of aleatory passwords that later on, were printed in the tickets of the museums. We developed a program in Processing(open source graphical programming

Building a Photo booth

The process was a really hard job. The requirements of the project , the structures should resist for more than 6 month, the security measures of the museums and the big size of the pieces forced us to build a really resistant photobooth. A skeleton of steel profiles covered with  wooden planks was welded. The

2.0 Photo booth Macba / Caixafòrum

During the Art 2 Punts exhibition that showed together the best collections of the contemporary art museums of Barcelona (Maba and Caixafòrum) came us the project to develop an interactive installation with the idea to improve the museum viewers engagement.