Bruno Barrán

Invisible tv

We’re starting a new project from interactive’s department, that will allow us to play with many tech concepts that we love. We’ll tell you everything as we go along, but for now we introduce the first: invisible tv. We recently saw a video from Brussup that we left us blown away. They’d built a tv

Starting a new motion control

We're doing the first tests on our new motion control. For this version, we've decided to build the software from scratch in order to implement new motors and a better graphic interface. Our goal is to control up to 256 axis.

Playing with autum: Kinect’s interaction

Due to Zaragoza's Pilar festival , Nueve Ojos and Joan Baixas called us to create an interactive experience for kids. The idea really exited us from the begining, even we knew that we were facing to the most exigent public .