2.0 Photo booth Macba / Caixafòrum

Jordi Planas

During the Art 2 Punts exhibition that showed together the best collections of the contemporary art museums of Barcelona (Maba and Caixafòrum) came us the project to develop an interactive installation with the idea to improve the museum viewers engagement. The matter was to increase the user experience beyond the visit at the exhibition  and, collaborating with studio Walabi, we came with the idea of a 2.0 Photobooth under the concept of: How art affects you?


The main idea was simple, to take you a picture at the beginning of your visit an another one at the end. With our interactive Photobooth two pictures were printed and hanged in a web site developed by Matilda Interactiva. You could search for your picture and share it in social networks.

It was a big success, there were always large queues  for participate and there were more than 15.000 pictures taken.

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